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The word is smeeching.
Sigh, nowadays so many people speak with south-east or northern accents that I feel a foreigner in my own home area.
Gipple as in teddie oggie with gipple, meaning pasty with gravy.We store out hay and barn owls in the "tallet" over the shippons.How are you getting.Anyway, one of history of prostitution in thailand my Aunty's favorite expressions was "a gurt wallage (wallidge?meaning, of course, a big dollop, as in cow plop or the contents of a baby's nappy!Don't know if it was a common word.I remember a young buy i goed to school wiv who drashed eezelv jus vor a laaf.
Can any body help?
As a child in Devon, being teased by my Uncle if I was crying " wait you come home with your head under your arm, then you can cry!".
On one occasion one of them by the name of Tommy Tucker, having found that someone had left the barn doors wide open came into the farmhouse and said: "who drawed they doors abroad" Another dialect word used by my grandfathers sisters was "chibbles" which.
Kirsty Kliem Hi I have been trying to think of words beginning with.I was born and brought up in Braunton,.
Mind you the question often triggered a long string of ailments punctuated by commiserations such as 'o my dear zoul ow did that appen then'.
Shut yer face/teeth/trap(shut up) Dozy cow(stupid woman).It is also found in Kipling's Stalky and.John Germon To Simon Lazenby in Australia: The dialect word is Dimpsy or Dimmett, sometimes Families say the words in a different way.I wuz proper 'mazed tu zee 'n.Jo, Exeter Yerrrrrrr right means i agree.Whortleberrys (blueberries) Chuggy Pigs (woodlice) Teddies (potatoes) - as in 'Thay teddies are fleurt'n' - the potatoes are boiling.Didnt use much dialect when i was a devon tacker, but remember "cakey" for stupid, and "gawky" for awkward.Teddies are spuds - well known that e also will address me in a way I think that has died out for many a year certainly nothing I heard from my own Grandparents thus:- Ow be you?When talking about some girls or woman "Them there maids down road" Living and working all over the Globe my entire ault life, most of my Devon accent has disappeared, especially living in Canada for over 23 years.(Latin name, Ulex europaeus.) chris northam - palmer my mother in law has lived in the small hamlet of horndon all of her life and speak a dialect unknown to me even though I am a born and bred r example attached the the end.John Chinner/Plympton Confused some of my northern friends with avin a yap" (talking) They call me Jan (short for Janner) Jacquie - Marldon Does anyone know of a Devonian word or phrase for any of the following - maze, change, last house.


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(2003 Interracial Intimacy in Japan, Continuum International Publishing Group,. .Regarding the Devadasi concept, some scholars are of the opinion that the custom of dedicating girls to temples probably became quite common in the 6th century CE, as most of the

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