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Pictures of prostitution in nigeria

pictures of prostitution in nigeria

Any person who- (1) wilfully removes, defaces or injures any survey mark or boundary mark which shall have been made or erected by or under the direction of korean whore any Government department or in the course of or for the purposes of a Government survey;.
The making, use, or possession-of any drug, charm or other article associated with the cult of the juju "Ofufe" is hereby prohibited.
Any person who, being a person having actual control over a steam free gay dating in australia vessel, or over any part of the machinery of a steam vessel, does any act or makes any omission or is privy to any act or omission with respect to the machinery.When three or more persons are so assembled together it is the duty of a peace officer to make or cause to be made, a command in the name of the President, in such words as he thinks fit, to the persons assembled to disperse.A person who does or omits to do an act under an honest and reasonable, but mistaken, belief in the existence of any state of things is not criminally responsible for the act or omission to any greater extent than if the real state.Any person who, being in actual possession of land without colour of right, holds possession of it, in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace or reasonable apprehension of a breach of the peace, against a person entitled by law to the.Any person who- (1) makes, or begins to make, any counterfeit current nickel coin; or (2) without lawful authority or excuse, the proof of which lies on him, knowingly makes or mends, or begins, or prepares to make or mend, or has in his possession.(5) In this section unless the context otherwise requires- "pictorial representation" includes any photograph, and any plate or film, positive or negative; recorded" means sounds collected or stored by means of any tape.
(3) Where the defence under the preceding subsection is established, then in a case falling under paragraph (a) thereof the accused person shall be discharged, and in a case failing under paragraph (b) sections 229 and 230 of the Criminal Procedure Act shall apply.
(2) Any person who attempts, in any way not specially defined in this code, to obstruct, prevent, pervert, or defeat, the course of justice is guilty of a misdemeanour, and is liable to imprisonment for two years.
Any person who knowingly utters as and for a subsisting and effectual document any document which has by any lawful authority been ordered to be revoked, cancelled, or suspended, or the operation military escort meaning of which has ceased by effluxion of time, or by death,.
Police will be ordered to impose fines of up to 500 on prostitutes caught working outside this area, and it will also be supervised by health and social workers to help in the battle against pimps and traffickers.
(j) The society commonly known as the Cameroons Democratic Youth but with the alternative French title Jeunesse Democratique Camerounaise.
Animals wild by nature, of a kind which is not ordinarily found in a condition of natural liberty in Nigeria, which are the property of any person, and which are usually kept in a state of confinement, are capable of being stolen, whether they are.
Subject to the provisions of the Trade Unions Act, any person who, with intent to prevent or hinder any other person from doing any act which he is lawfully entitled to do, or with intent to compel him to do any act which.(5) If the offender is a person employed in the public service and the thing stolen is the property of the State, or came into the possession of the offender by virtue of his employment, he is liable to imprisonment for seven years.It is lawful for a peace officer or police officer to receive into custody and detain in custody any person given into his charge as having been a party to a breach of the peace by a person whom the peace officer or police officer.Any person who attempts to commit a felony or misdemeanour is guilty of an offence, which, unless otherwise stated, is a misdemeanour.Whenever any amendment is made in the code, all copies thereof printed by the Federal Government Printer after the amendment shall be so printed as to set forth the actual provisions of the code after omitting all repealed provisions or words, and embodying all newly.(1) Any person employed in any undertaking concerned in the supply of electricity or water who maliciously breaks his contract of service, knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that the probable consequence of his so doing, either alone or in combination with others, will.Chapter 8 Offences against the Executive and Legislative Power.A seal or mark is said to be counterfeit if it is made without lawful authority, and is in such a form as to resemble a genuine seal or mark, or, In the case of a seal, in such a form as to be capable.Any duly authorised member of the crew of any ship may refuse to receive on board thereof any person who by reason of drunkenness or otherwise is in such a state, or misconducts himself in such a manner, as to cause annoyance or injury.(2) Where a police officer so authorised to enter any house, room or place is wilfully prevented from or obstructed or delayed in entering the same or any part thereof, or where any external or internal door of, or means of access to, any such.Any magistrate or, in his absence, any police officer, of or above the rank of assistant superintendent, or any commissioned officer in the Naval, Military or Air Forces of Nigeria in whose view a riot is being committed, or who apprehends that a riot.It is lawful for any person who is in peaceable possession of a dwelling-house, and for any person lawfully assisting him or acting by his authority, to use such force as he believes, on reasonable grounds, to be necessary in order to prevent the forcible.


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