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Two lexical units can be absolute synonyms if and only if they are interchangeable for one another in all contexts without the slightest change in their sweden escorts meaning. .
It may also happen that some of the meanings have been lost and new ones are added.
Hyponymy: another approach to the study of meaning brothel jobs in sydney relationship is in terms of meaning inclusion or hyponymy. .
Haath means (1) hand, (2) measurement, (3) a bet.The lexicographer is faced with quite a different type of problem when he comes across the following situation: The Hindi word man has the following meanings: (1) mind; (2) desire, wish; (3) maund.Hindi kar, aa (1) hard (antonym naram, mulaayam ) (2) difficult (antonym aasaan ) (3) cruel (antonym saday ) deep (1) going a long way down form the top (opposite of shallow ) (2) (of colour) strong, dark (opposite of light) (3) profound (opposite.How do homonyms appear in a language?1 Corinthians 6:15 Do you not know that your bodies are the members of Christ?But what about words for abstract notions like honesty, virtue, and chasity?(Southworth and Daswani 1974, 203-204) These features are language and culture specific and may be more or less in number in different languages depending on the nature of the organisation of the kinship relationship in that language.
Bhaga previous to sun rise, followed by Suurya,.
The lexicographer has to keep in view not only all the above components of the lexical meaning but also the grammatical meaning while defining his words.
The ambiguity in such sentences can be removed by"ng fuller contexts as the following: (1) The doctor said it is a difficult case, (2) He has gone to bring todays paper, (3) usko sone ka t)iikaa acchaa escort zone lagtaa.
Special meaning is used for restricted language viz.
Eat, partake, peck, wolf, devour,.This will help the lexicographer in establishing the relatedness of meanings and distinguishing homonyms from polysemous words.In some cases there may be total identity in all the forms of a paradigm and its colocational possibilities.Hindi to r,naa (1) to break, (2) to pluck etc.The word dry may have the following antonyms, wet, moist and damp.3.11 Componential Analysis: we have seen that the meaning of a lexical unit is not an unanalysable whole. .Let us examine some more examples. .In lexicography componential analysis could be used for discrimination of synonyms (explaining of the overlapping of meanings distinguishing the different senses of a polysemous word (by examining the additional semantic features and their links in the extended meanings) and the study of other relationships.Let us examine the following: - handsome and beautiful have the same meaning 'giving pleasure or delight to the mind or senses'.

But this is rarely found in a language. .
In formation of this idea he first observes the general features and then specific features.
The etymological relationship can be established generally in respect of languages where some studies have been done.


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