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Destroyer escort that fought like a battleship

Morison, Samuel Eliot signs he's a man whore (1958).
The British press referred to the vessels as pocket battleships, in reference to the heavy firepower contained in the relatively small vessels; they were considerably smaller than contemporary battleships, though at 28 knots were slower than battlecruisers.The entry can be found here.These were serving as bases for small bombers and fighters that were supporting the Army assault.Averted largely in Starship Operators where the trainee crew who mans the ship for the majority of the show stress the ranges involved in combat early.164 Gardiner and Chumbley,.Star Wars, where it seems impossible to target a Star Destroyer with a superstructure one mile long unless you are able to see it out the window.The Japanese had four battleships including Yamato, six heavy cruisers, two small light cruisers, and 11 destroyers.The shells tore a hole 40 ft (12.2 m) long and 10 ft (3.0 m) wide in the port side of her aft engine room.In the engagement that followed, the Americans exhibited uncanny torpedo accuracy, blowing the bows off several Japanese heavy cruisers.
The ship centered its course right towards the Japanese heavy cruiser Chkai, advancing with piercing speed of.5 NMI (4.6 km;.9 mi).
The British Cruiser and Convoy Acts were an attempt by mercantile interests in Parliament to focus the Navy on commerce defence and raiding with cruisers, rather than the more scarce and expensive ships of the line.
London: Conway Maritime Press.
56 At dawn US aircraft from Henderson Field, USS Enterprise, and Espiritu Santo found the damaged battleship and two destroyers in the area.
Probably a byproduct of the fact that this sci-fi writer is trying to demonstrate he has a sense of scale just fine, thanks.
The Panzerschiffe were listed as Ersatz replacements for retiring Reichsmarine coastal defense battleships, which added to their propaganda status in the Kriegsmarine as Ersatz battleships; within the Royal Navy, only battlecruisers HMS Hood, Repulse and Renown were capable of both outrunning and outgunning the Panzerschiffe.
Westinghouse geared turbine drive.The only advantage to the Japanese was that most of the battleships and cruisers were loaded mainly with high explosive shells, although a significant number of armor-piercing shells were also loaded.(That Eagle Five wasn't even spotted before making its "attack" run also doesn't say much for their sensors.And the writer got around the fact of a Star Destroyer's ability to target ground-based installations by indicating that a planetary energy shield prevented anything but a direct ground assault to dig the Rebels out.This damaged gun suffered a breech explosion shortly thereafter which killed and wounded several crew members.29 On the German capital ships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, classed as battleships but with large cruiser armament, sank the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious with gunfire.Large cruiser edit The American Alaska class represented the supersized cruiser design.


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What is a security escort

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