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But to proceed; as in order and place, so also in matter of her Creation, Woman far excells Man.
Hence he first created those purer essences, immaterial angels and souls, (for so the great.
Tis too great a derogation from the known prudence and piety of our ancestors, to imagine them at once so injurious and impious, as to brand this noble Sex with a name, diametrically thwarting that character which Heaven it self had given of its Nature.What subtle Arithmetician is able to mis-reckon a Woman when he goes to pay her a debt, or cheat her of a penny by all nicosia escorts his rules of practice or falshood?Fourteen organizations from across the state received grants for projects in line with the mission of the Red Ants Pants Foundation.Yet women easily inticed him to ebriety and incest.Accedit ad hæc quod dignissimum in homine membrum quo maxime à brutis differimus divinamque judicamus naturam, caput est, in eo potissimum vultus.
By this method of beneficence, doing good to the better part of those we converse with, and promoting the eternam Concerns of Mankind, is trur Honour only acquir'd.
That the renowned Justinian had a particular veneration for this Sex, is evident; for that he thought fit to consult his wife in the modelling of his Laws, and framing those Institutes, whose excellent prudence all succeeding generations have admired and no wonder, since the.
Inter omnia animalia masculos esse fortiores, prudentiores nobiliores, huic respondet excellentior doctor Paulus Apostolus dicens: Quæ stulta sunt mundi elegit Deus ut confundat sapientes infirma mundi elegit Deus, ut confundat fortia, ignobilia mundi, contemptibilia elegit Deus, ea quæ non 27 sunt ut ea quæ sunt.
Guyler-Alaniz is an Iowa-based photographer who created FarmHer and is focused on helping change the perception of what people think of when they hear farmer by photographing women in agriculture., red Ants Pants Foundation.
And those tragedies thence ensuing: in most, if not all which, if we narrowly inspect all circumstances, we may easily find the women to be wrongfully accused; for scarce ever do ill wives happen to any but bad husbands, and such as by their own.
Nam ut ait Ecclesiasticus: Eccle.Bernard observes) her amazing beauty to be such, as before his lapse he had beheld in the Divine Light, and which above funny whore nicknames the sublimest Hierarchies enjoys Communion with God, did thereupon meeryl out of envy, plot how he might dismount her from that Throne.Apud Cantabros uiri mulieribus dotem dabant, fratres à sororibus nuptui dabantur, filiæ hæredes designabantur.And by a law of later Emperours, women were enabled to succeed in inheritances, and take administrations; and suffered to have their funerals publickly celebrated with encomiastick orations, as well as the most illustrious men.Some to make ostentation of their parts, and acquire the title of wits, few with any shew of reason, and none on any just cause, have yet filled the World with pamphlets, things no less idle in themselves, than disgracefull to Women.Mulier itaque consummatio, perfectio, fœlicitas, benedictio et gloria viri existit, atque ut ait Augustinus: Prima humani generis in hac mortalitate societas.Scimus quæcunque à Deo optimo maximo facta sunt, hoc potissimum differre ut quædam eorum perpetuò maneant incorruptibilia, quædam corruptioni, ac mutationi subiecta sint, atque in his creandis, Deum hoc ordine progressum ut à nobiliori unius incipiens, in nobilissimum alterius desineret.


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